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Is Rapid Personality Transformation Possible? – The Psychology of Quantum Change

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Art Used in this Video

Konstantin Somov - self-portrait-in-the-mirror
Modest Durnov - Kirillov before his suicide
William Blake - Albion Rose - from A Large Book of Designs 1793-6
Peder Mønsted - Sunset over a Danish Fiord
Peder Mønsted - Sunset over a forest lake
Hodler - Der Holzfäller - 1910
Paul Gavarni - Woodcutter - Walters 371437
Carl Spitzweg 033
Scrooges third visitor-John Leech,1843
A Christmas Carol. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
A. Scheiner - Zlatovláska, ilustrace - str. 009
Contes de l'isba (1931) - Tsarevitch Ivan... 02 - original (priv.coll)
Alexey Akindinov. The Vision of Ezekiel. 2006
Brooklyn Museum - Jesus Transported by a Spirit onto a High Mountain (Jésus transporté par l'esprit sur une haute montagne) - James Tissot - overall
William Blake 'As if an angel dropped down from the clouds', illustration to 'Henry IV
Stribog by Andrey Shishkin
Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach - Selbstporträt als Christus
Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach - Martyr and crucified, son Helios
Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach - The fairy dance
Diefenbach Capri
A drunken man at home with his starving and ruined family. E Wellcome V0019405
Detail from "Greece in Gratitude" (1858) - Theodoros Vryzakis (1819-1878) 3
Frank Blackwell Mayer - Independence (Squire Jack Porter) - Google Art Project
Martin Johnson Heade -Blue Morpho Butterfly ATC
Bertha Wegmann Despair
Lisboa-Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga-Inferno-20140917
Wilhelm Kotarbiński - Sphinx and a woman phantom - 191545 MNW - National Museum in Warsaw
Max Klinger - Vom Tode - 1933.126 - Cleveland Museum of Art
Villa by the Sea (SM 1260)
Mystical Figure in Winged Boat - George William Russell
Arnold Böcklin - Heiliger Hain
Detail from a Theosophical mural painted by W. B. Yeats and George William Russell (Æ) in the Drawing Room, at 3 Ely Place (former Theosophical Society meeting place), Dublin
Johan Christian Dahl, Landscape in Evening Light, 1853
Gerard Soest - Inspiration of an Artist - 49.1707 - Museum of Fine Arts
Gustave Doré - Dante Alighieri - Inferno - Plate 7 (Beatrice)
Honoré Daumier 008
Hendrick Bloemaert (c.1601-1672) - A Philosopher Contemplating Mortality - 509829 - National Trust
Air (Melancholicus) Met DP-18772-001
Caspar David Friedrich - Frau vor untergehender Sonne
The Bookworm P6118
Henri simon thomassin-portrait du caravage
Michiel Sweerts, Selbstportrait, lesend. Öl auf Leinwand. 35,5x30,2 cm
Sanzio 01 Zoroaster Ptolmey
Jakub Schikaneder - Kontemplace, Mnich na mořském břehu (pastel na papíře)
Carl Gustav Carus - Erinnerung an Neapel (ca.1832)
In the month of June, by Laurits Andersen Ring
Knud Larsen - Portrait of Laurits Andersen Ring
Angelica Kauffman - A Frieze, Men Planting Trees, Women Gathering Blossoms and Watering Flowers - B1977.14.5776 - Yale Center for British Art
Winslow Homer - Old Friends
George Inness - Lake Nemi - 49.412 - Museum of Fine Arts
Adélaïde Labille-Guiard - The Sculptor Augustin Pajou - WGA12364