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The Pessimist’s Guide to the Good Life – The Wisdom of William James

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Art Used in this Video

Constantin Meunier, La Glèbe, 1872
'Hip, Hip, Hurrah! Artist Festival at Skagen', by Peder Severin Krøyer (1888) Demisted with DXO PhotoLab Clearview; cropped away black border edge
A happy evening party in Clichy, from 'News of the day,' published in Le Charivari, March 16, 1865 MET DP877358
Inferno MET DP-13658-001
Zichy,Mihaly - Az emberi tehetetlenseg
Eugène Delacroix, L'agonie dans le jardin (1861) Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Joachim von Sandrart 002
George William Joy - A dinner of herbs
Constantin Meunier - Ophelia
Maleriet En nonne av Ragnhild Beichmann
Bertha Wegmann Despair
William Etty (1787-1849) - The Prodigal Son - 515513 - National Trust
Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra, 1875-1876, by Gustave Moreau - Art Institute of Chicago - DSC09590
Ernest L Ipsen 1935 The Artists Guide, Maine
Rembrandt van Rijn, Een oude man slapend bij het vuur, mogelijk 'De Luiheid', 1629, Galleria Sabauda, Torino
Eduard Pistorius Die Kinder des Schreiners
Godfried Schalcken (1643-1706) (after) - An Old Man Writing a Book by Candlelight - 290274 - National Trust
Cornelis van Dalem (Attributed to) - A Knight, Death, and the Devil
Heracles and the Nemea Lion Pieter Paul Rubens
Emile Claus -Soirée D'été
Winslow Homer - Girl in the HammockFXD
Silence interieur
Paul Signac, 1893-95, Au temps d’harmonie, oil on canvas, 310 x 410 cm
8479937 fullsize