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How Weakness Corrupts – Social Justice, Equality, and Woke Morality 

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Art Used in this Video

Georg Scholz - Von kommenden Dingen
Emanuel Krescenc Liška – Cain (1885)
Ludwig Knaus - Der Unzufriedene (1877)
Ladislav Mednyánszky - Kneeling Convict - O 4930 - Slovak National Gallery
Cain and Abel. Mironov
Angelo Bronzino 003
Giotto- The Seven Vices - Envy
Caesar van Everdingen - Diogenes Looking for an Honest Man (Portrait Historié of the Steyn Family) - 39 - Mauritshuis
Einar Hein - Children picking berries on the moor - Google Art Project
Jan Josef Horemans (II) - The devil as a tax-collector, being expelled from a store
Envy LACMA M.83.318.56
The Table of Power
Brooklyn Museum - The Pharisees and the Herodians Conspire Against Jesus (Les pharisiens et les hérodiens conspirent contre Jésus) - James Tissot - overall
Hermann Prell - Judas Iscariot bribed by the pharisees
Stribog by Andrey Shishkin
Svarog by Andrey Shishkin
Concert in the Egg
Zola sortie
The Genius and the Crowd
Albrecht Dürer - The Penitent - WGA7169
Pioneers of the West, SAAM-1985.8.27 1
Pioneers Tilling Soil and Building Log Cabin (mural study, Carthage, Illinois Post Office) SAAM-1962.8.84 1
Bereginya by Andrey Shishkin
V nachale puti by Andrey Shishkin
Zarya Zarenicza by Andrey Shishkin
Volkhv by Andrey Shishkin