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Art Used in this Video

Caspar David Friedrich - Frau am Fenster - Google Art Project
Jean-Pierre Beckius, Lärensmillen, la fiancée de l'artiste (vers 1932)
Seated Man
Ernst Platz - Memento mori, c. 1894
Erik Werenskiold - Peasant Burial - Google Art Project
Dutch 17th Century, Memento Mori, c. 1680, NGA 169116
Ascension by Madox Brown
Frans Francken II (1581-1642) - An Allegory of Death and the Rich Man - 959419 - National Trust
Abraham Janssens - Heraclitus
Edouard Hamman - Disillusion - WGA11202
The Disillusioned One LACMA M.78.63
Montaigne vers 1590 - François Quesnel
Zichy,Mihaly - Az emberi tehetetlenseg
Michelangelo Caravaggio 056
Merian memento mori
Ignacio de Ries El Arbol de la Vida
Death Comes to the Banquet Table - Memento Mori - Martinelli NOMA
Akseli Gallen-Kallela - Problem (Symposium)
Caspar David Friedrich - Landscape with Grave, Coffin and Owl - WGA08302
Kārlis Padegs - Red Laughter - Google Art Project
Jan Lievens - old man with a skull 1620s
Giovanni Paolo Panini - View of the Roman Forum - Walters 372366
Henryk Siemiradzki 004
Joseph Coomans - Roman banquet
Bidloo Ontleding 1690 87
Baron François Gérard - Marius Returning to Rome - 91.39 - Museum of Fine Arts
J. W. Waterhouse - The favourites of the Emperor Honorius - Google Art ProjectFXD
The Bard
David - The Death of Socrates
Karl von Piloty Nero Róma égését szemléli
Socrates in Thomas Stanley History of Philosophy
Socrates Address by Belgian artist Louis Joseph Lebrun, 1867
William Rainey, Alexander and Diogenes
Monsiau - Alexandre et Diogène
Bust of Pseudo-Seneca MET DP359039
Jan Styka - Nero at Baiae
Sylvestre La Mort de Seneque 1875
Peter Paul Rubens - The Dying Seneca
Life and death. Oil painting. Wellcome V0017612
Francesco di Stefano - Allegory of Rome
Arnold Boecklin-fiedelnder Tod
Self-portrait with Love and Death by Hans Thoma