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How to Become More Powerful in the Social World

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Art Used in this Video

Thor and the Mountain
Achilleus Lyra
A Viking Foray
Bosch follower The arrest of Christ c. 1530-1550
Philip Mercier, 'A Music Party'
Musical Party in a Garden, by Giovanni Battista Passeri, 1640s, oil on canvas, detail - Blanton Museum of Art - Austin, Texas - DSC07864
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - Artist Portrait (1879)
Reimer Librarian
Honoré Daumier - Intermission at the Comédie Française - WGA05962
Honoré Daumier - The First Class Carriage - Walters 371225
Charles Hermans masquerade
Edouard Manet 093
Sebastiaen Vrancx - A view of Antwerp by night with elegant figures on their way to a masquerade
Konstantin Somov - masquerade
Portrait de Georges Menier
William Orpen Herbert Barnard John Everett
Silhouette of an unknown man in a top hat and tails Met DP887324
Acton Smee Ayrton, Vanity Fair, 1869-10-23,crop
Monsiau - Alexandre et Diogène
Raimundo Madrazo - Preparing for the Costume Ball
1900 Madrazo Masquerade anagoria
Le bal masqué by Albert Lynch 1
Richard Cosway (1742-1821) - Self Portrait in Masquerade Dress - 609064 - National Trust
Charles Hermans - At the masquerade
Charles Ernest Butler - King Arthur
Gerard van Honthorst - King David Playing the Harp - Google Art Project
Pieter Pietersz Lastman - King David Handing the Letter to Uriah - 60.63 - Detroit Institute of Arts
John George Brown - The Bully of the Neighbourhood
Jacob Jacobsz de Wet II (Haarlem 1641-2 - Amsterdam 1697) - Fergus I, King of Scotland (330-305 B.C.) - RCIN 403322 - Royal Collection
Gustave Moreau - King David - Hammer museum
Daniel's Answer to the King
Titian and workshop - An Allegory of Prudence - Google Art Project
Hanna Pauli - Friends - Google Art Project
Vincenzo Camuccini, The Death of Julius Caesar (detail)
The Treachery Of Judas
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - Dante And Virgil In Hell (1850)
The Banker,smoking
James R. Edgar (c.1819-1876) - Reverend Thomas Guthrie (1803–1873), Preacher and Philanthropist, Dr Guthrie on a Mission of Mercy - PG 2633 - National Galleries of Scotland
Hypnose (Schneider)
Honoré Daumier - Gargantua
"Daniel In the Lion's Den," by Robert Edward Weaver c. 1952
James Northcote - Daniel in the Lions' Den - BF.1985.10 - Museum of Fine Arts
131.Daniel in the Lions' Den
Thor und die Midgardsschlange