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Why the Desire for Safety Can Breed Mental Illness and Social Ruin

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Art Used in this Video

Hiding from fear
Theodor Kittelsen Huldra forsvant
Sønnen Ole kigger ud af vinduet
Gustave Doré - Dante Alighieri - Inferno - Plate 1 (I found myself within a forest dark...)
On the Island of Earraid (N.C. Wyeth)
A City of Ancient Greece by William Linton
"The road of fear", page 12 from the book "Der Golem", illustrated by Hugo Steiner-Prag
Theodor Kittelsen - The Ash Lad and the Dragon - NG.M.00552 - National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design
Ladislav Mednyánszky - Hlava mŕtveho otca - O 3099 - Slovak National Gallery
Joseph Stalin and child student art, from- Soviet Communism Threatens Education - NARA - 5730072 (cropped)
Laurits Andersen Ring - The sick man - Google Art Project
Francisco Goya - Simpleton - plate 4 from the series 'Los Disparates' (The Follies) - Google Art Project
N.C.Wyeth winter 1909
Fugel David gegen Goliath
Leo von Klenze - The Acropolis at Athens - WGA12199
Arnold Böcklin - Odysseus and Polyphemus
Max Klein - Friedrich-Nietzsche-Statue
Discurso funebre pericles
Thou Shalt Not Kill (SM 2371)
Theodor Kittelsen - Far, far away Soria Moria Palace shimmered like Gold - Google Art Project
David en Goliath (1925) door Toon Lüske
Hans Thoma - Ritter Sankt Georg (1889)
Sir William Edward Parry by Samuel Drummond
Ladislav Mednyánszky - Study of an Old Woman - O 4929 - Slovak National Gallery
Anker Der Trinker 1868
Edward Burne-Jones Hero
Walter Crane - Race of Hero Spirits Pass
Perseus Armed by Mercury and Minerva - Paris Bordone - Google Cultural Institute
Siegfried, the hero of the North, and Beowulf, the hero of the Anglo-Saxons (1909) (14566833957)
Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld målad av Georg von Rosen 1886