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The Pillars of Success – Why Sleep, Focus and Mindset Promote Excellence

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Art Used in this Video

Edvard Munch - Workers on their Way Home - Google Art Project
Caillebotte - Portrait of a Man Writing in His Study, 1885
Godfried Schalcken (1643-1706) (after) - An Old Man Writing a Book by Candlelight - 290274 - National Trust
Fritz Chwala - A Field of Poppies
Aagaard Pergola in Amalfi
Frederic Porter Vinton by John Singer Sargent
Attributed to Rembrandt van Rijn - The Man with the Red Cap - Google Art Project
Fitz hugh lane Gloucester Harbor at Sunrise
Martin Archer Shee - William Roscoe - Google Art Project
Singer Sargent, John - Atlas and the Hesperides - 1925
Winslow Homer - Looking Out (1875)
Morning, Interior - Luce
Anders Zorn - Frukost i det gröna
Carolus-duran, uomo che dorme, ante 1861
A Lamplight Study- Herr Joachim by George Frederick Watts
Domenico Fetti - Sleeping Girl - Google Art Project
Johann Heinrich Füssli - The Nightmare - WGA08333
John Singer Sargent - Vespers - Google Art Project
Henry St. John Smith by John Singer Sargent, 1880, oil on canvas - Portland Museum of Art - Portland, Maine - DSC04272
Jan van Bijlert - Young Man Drinking a Glass of Wine - WGA02184
Восход солнца в Феодосии Айвазовский
George Inness - Morning
Goya - Glutton Eating by Himself, 1964.7, c. 1812–1823
John Singer Sargent - Henry Cabot Lodge - Google Art Project
Man writing by an easel, Gerrit Dou, c. 1631-1632, oil on oak, 31.5 by 25 cm, private collection
Robert Braithwaite Martineau (1826-1869) - Kit's Writing Lesson - T00011 - Tate
Charles Meynier - Apollo (1798)
Study for Phidias in 'The Apotheosis of Homer' by Ingres, San Diego Museum of Art
Charles Le Brun - Portrait of Turenne - WGA12550
Magnus Enckell - Melancholy (1895)
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Apotheosis of Homer, 1827
Alfred Seifert Hypatia
Jean-Jacques Feuchère - Dante Meditating on the Divine Comedy
Joseph Noel Paton - Dante Meditating
Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci by Lattanzio Querena
Longchamp126 Bernard J.B.Olive
Carl Spitzweg 031