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Ancient Philosophy Part 4: The Sage and Other People – How to Deal with Bad Moods and Mistreatment

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Art Used in this Video

Thomas Patch (1725-1782) - A Punch Party in Florence - 932354 - National Trust
Their First Quarrel, Gibson
The School of Aristotle
Moonlit Market by Johann Mengels Culverhouse, 1894, High Museum of Art
Jan Steen - Argument over a Card Game - WGA21735
A literary argument on the second tier, from 'Theater sketches,' published in Le Charivari, February 27, 1864 MET DP876884
Carl Spitzweg Im Garten - Der Philosoph
Belmiro de Almeida - Arrufos, 1887
Emanuel Krescenc Liška – Cain (1885)
The face of a bearded man expressing anger. Etching in the c Wellcome V0009342
Cain and Abel. Mironov
Accademia - Pitagora filosofo - Pietro Longhi Cat.479 130x91cm
Accademia - Pitagora filosofo - Pietro Longhi Cat.479 130x91cm
Rosa - Arquitas, filósofo de Tarento, 1668
Rembrandt - Aristotle with a Bust of Homer - WGA19232
Trouble Comes to the Alchemist FA 2000.001.269
Blommendae, Reyer Jacobsz. van - Xantippe Dousing Socrates - c. 1655
The Death of Socrates cropped
Socrates and Xanthippe
Sanzio 01 Socrates
Divorce a Vinculo - The Enraged Father
Munkácsy Korhely férj
Thomas Rowlandson - An Audience at Drury Lane Theatre - Google Art Project
The Laughing Audience (or A Pleased Audience) by William Hogarth
Paolo Veronese - The Madonna of the Cuccina Family - Google Art Project
Monogrammist H.C. - Large crowd with peasants fighting in front of a house
Two augurs laughing at the gullibility of the people
Tupylev MakedonskDiogen
1630 Assereto Alexander und Diogenes Gemäldegalerie Kat.Nr. 84.2 anagoria
Jacques de Rousseaux - Diogenes
Grombecki Bartłomiej Sztosik
Robert, Hubert - Ancient Ruins Used as Public Baths - 1798
Hubert Robert - Ruins of a Roman Bath with Washerwomen
J.L. Gerome - The Wailing Wall - Google Art Project
William Blake Richmond - An Audience in Athens During Agamemnon by Aeschylus
Marcus Aurelius Distributing Bread to the People 1765 Joseph-Marie Vien
Jean-Leon Gerome Pollice Verso (cropped)
A scene from the commedia dell' arte played in France before a noble audience - Museum at Bayeux - Sterling 1943 p18
Hendrik ter Brugghen - Heraclitus
Francesco Hayez 017