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Ancient Philosophy Part 3: The Sage and Money – How to Be Tranquil and Free With or Without Wealth

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Art Used in this Video

Beaux-Arts de Carcassonne - Alexandre et Diogène - Jacques Gamelin
Jacopo tintoretto-diogene-cropped
Jean-Baptiste Regnault - Alexandre et Diogene
Caesar van Everdingen - Diogenes Looking for an Honest Man (Portrait Historié of the Steyn Family) - 39 - Mauritshuis
Paul Delaroche - Hémicycle
Diogène par pugons
Victor Dubreuil - 'Money to Burn', oil on canvas, 1893
Poppea Brings the Head of Octavia to Nero by G.Muzzioli (1876)
Roberto Bompiani - A Roman Feast - 72.PA.4 - J. Paul Getty Museum
Bernard Picart, Male Nude with a Lamp (Diogenes), 1724, NGA 73505
Diogène et Rabelais, Prologue du Tiers Livre
The Thankful Poor, 1894. Henry Ossawa Tanner
Delsarte recitation book and directory (1890) (14783046703)
Jacques Callot - The Beggars- Beggar with Pot - 2008.34.6 - Cleveland Museum of Art
Punch (1841) (14583127200)
Painting by Alexander Laureus called Roman Osteria, 1820
Caricature; wit and humor of a nation in picture, song and story (1911) (14595829810)
John William Waterhouse - The Favorites of the Emperor Honorius - 1883
The worship of Mammon
TSh Diogen
The Family of Darius before Alexander by Paolo Veronese 1570
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - Maecenas Presenting the Liberal Arts - 1743
Pierre Jean Van der Ouderaa - De koning van Thule
Shakyamuni detail, Clevelandart 1991.9 (cropped)
PUK1894page380rector poor
Jean-Léon Gérôme - Diogenes - Walters 37131