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Optimizing Habits – The Surest Way to a Better Life: Part 1 Overcoming Addictions

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Art Used in this Video

زکریای رازی اثر حسین بهزاد
Morning, Interior - Luce
Persian Miniature By Hossein Behzad – Part 03
H. Siddons Mowbray - Idle Hours - Google Art Project
Gillis van Tilborch - The Drinker
Almeida Júnior - Reading - Google Art Project
A prisoner is sitting on straw in a cave with his feet chain Wellcome V0041238
Caspar David Friedrich - The Grosse Gehege near Dresden - Google Art Project
Edward Burne-Jones - The Wizard - Google Art Project
A man holding a walking stick, a hat and some heather is sta Wellcome V0039466
Paul Gustave Fischer - The Artist Painting En Plein Air
Archip Iwanowitsch Kuindshi 002
Arnold Böcklin - Verlassene Venus (1850er Jahre)
Eduard Ballo - Roman Vagrant - O 604 - Slovak National Gallery
Autumn--On the Hudson River-1860-Jasper Francis Cropsey
Thomas Wilmer Dewing - Spring - Google Art Project
سعدی اثر حسین بهزاد
Wilhelm Bendz - Mountain landscape. - Google Art Project
David Teniers (II) - Men Smoking and Drinking in a Tavern
Toulouse-Lautrec - The Hangover (Suzanne Valadon), 1887-1889
El borracho
1633 Brouwer Drunken Peasant anagoria
Still Life attributed to Aurelius Revenaugh, Speed Art Museum
Eduard von Grützner - A monk in a wine cellar with a wine siphon
Adriaen Brouwer - The Toper 432L11034 63TVS
Theodore Robinson - The Valley of Arconville - 1941.11 - Art Institute of Chicago
Jan Steen, Dutch (active Leiden, Haarlem, and The Hague) - Rhetoricians at a Window - Google Art Project
Jan-van-Beers - Portrait of a Young Woman 1883
Alexander Lauréus - Man Drinking Wine - A II 1667 - Finnish National Gallery
Alfred Stevens - La Madeleine
Mariya Magdalena
Carl Larsson - Self-Portrait (In the new studio) - Google Art Project
درویش اثر حسین بهزاد