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The Power of the Unconscious Part 4 – Connecting to the Inner God

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Art Used in this Video

George Inness - Lake Nemi - 49.412 - Museum of Fine Arts
Leighton, Frederic - Idyll - c. 1880-81
Thomas Moran - Under the Trees
Caspar David Friedrich - Vision der christlichen Kirche (1920)
NC Wyeth the Indian in his Solitude 1
Oluf Olufsen Bagge - Yggdrasil, The Mundane Tree 1847 - full page
Karl Friedrich Schinkel 001
Blake God Blessing
Edward BURNE-Jones - Perseus and Andromeda - Google Art Project
Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) - Study for the Head of Christ for La Madeleine, Paris, Eugène Buttura - NG 2817 - National Galleries of Scotland
Pietro della Vecchia - St. Dominic and the Devil - Google Art Project
Gustave Doré - Dante et Virgile dans le neuvième cercle de l'Enfer
Niklaus Manuel Deutsch 001
Luca signorelli, cappella di san brizio, dannati all'inferno 06
Félix Joseph Barrias - The Temptation of Christ by the Devil - Google Art Project
Santa rosa tentada por el demonio - Cristobal de Villalpando
The life on earth of our Blessed Lord - told in rhyme, story, and picture, for little Catholic children (1913) (14762630261)
Le poeme de lAme-16-Louis Janmot-MBA Lyon-IMG 0499
Alexey Akindinov. The Vision of Ezekiel. 2006
Elihu Vedder The Sorrowing Soul between Doubt and Faith
Кошелев Николай Голова Христа
Ivan Akimovitš Akimov - An allegory of faith (St. Clare) - A II 1414 - Finnish National Gallery
William Blake Ezekiel's Vision ca 1803-5 Boston Museum
Almeida Júnior - Reading - Google Art Project
Edwin Austin Abbey 01
Larsson - A Swedish Fairy Tale
Egon Schiele - Die Vision des Heiligen Hubertus
Riddaren rider by John Bauer 1914
Albert Rieger - Mountain Stream in the Moonlight
Albert Bierstadt - Light in the Forest
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Day Dream - Google Art Project
Luca Giordano - Dream of Solomon - WGA09004
Edward Poynter - The Visions of Endymion, 1913
Robert Knoebel - Träumende Frau im Boot
John Simmons - Titania sleeping in the moonlight protected by her fairies
Francis Danby - Scene from the Apocalypse - WGA5899
Mozart magic flute
Mohammed the Prophet
Buddha the winner Nicholas Roerich 1925