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The Power of the Unconscious Part 3 – The Practical Value of Religion

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Art Used in this Video

Hesiod and the Muse
Apollo's enchantment, by Henry Howard (British)
N07-115 Louis-Janmot solitude
Albert Aublet - Selene
Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach Selbstbildnis 1895
Dutch - Portrait of the Poet Homer - Walters 37646
The Untangling of Chaos, or the Creation of the Four Elements LACMA 54.70.1a
Apollo Vanquishing the Serpent Python by Gustave Moreau (1885)
Rembrandt aged51
Alexander III reception by Repin
Savenkov by Repin
Albert Rieger - Mountain Stream in the Moonlight
Frederic Leighton - The Spirit of the Summit - 1926-4 - Auckland Art Gallery
Brooklyn Museum - Jesus Goes Up Alone onto a Mountain to Pray (Jésus monte seul sur une montagne pour prier) - James Tissot - overall
Amitayus Buddha in His Paradise
Kristian Zahrtmann - Job and His Friends - KMS1661 - Statens Museum for Kunst
Agastya drinks the ocean
Odilon Redon - Buddha - Google Art Project
Christ Walking on the Waters, Julius Sergius Von Klever
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Winslow Homer - Moonlight
The Victory of Buddha
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Gustave Moreau - Chariot of Apollo or Phoebus Apollo (c.1880)
Wilhelm Diefenbach Der Rettung entgegen