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The Power of the Unconscious Part 1 – What is the Unconscious?

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Art Used in this Video

The Baleful Head by Edward Burne-Jones (1885)
Pandora - John William Waterhouse
Signac - Portrait de Félix Fénéon
John William Waterhouse - Echo and Narcissus - Google Art Project
Saint Augustine by Philippe de Champaigne
Federico Andreotti 9
Titian and workshop - An Allegory of Prudence - Google Art Project
Filosoof met spiegel Rijksmuseum SK-A-3883
The gyri of the thinker's brain as a maze of choices in biom Wellcome L0027293
Reflection in the mirror by G.Soroka (c.1850, Russian museum)
William Blake - The Ghost of a Flea - Google Art Project
Narcissus-Caravaggio (1594-96) edited
Walter Crane - Race of Hero Spirits Pass
Paul Signac - The Bonaventure Pine - Google Art Project
Claude Monet - Twilight, Venice
William Blake - Nebuchadnezzar (MFA Boston)
Maurice Denis - Orpheus and Eurydice - 68.1 - Minneapolis Institute of Arts
William Blake Richmond - Venus and Anchises - Google Art Project
Michel II Corneille - Aspasie au milieu des philosophes de la Grèce - Google Art Project
Cole, Thomas - Der Pokal des Riesen - hi res - 1833
Thomas Cole - Architect’s Dream - Google Art Project
Constant montald, la fontana dell'ispirazione, 1907