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Cultivating Heroic Manhood Part 2 – The Virtues of the Real Man

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Art Used in this Video

A Naiad or Hylas with a Nymph by John William Waterhouse (1893)
Sidonie Springer - Knabe unter dem Schutzmantel, 1923
Head of a Negro - Sir Peter Paul Rubens
John Mix Stanley - Ko-rak-koo-kiss, a Towoccono Warrior - 1985.66.248,931 - Smithsonian American Art Museum
Charles Deas The Voyageurs
Haag Carl - Greek Warrior - Google Art Project
Peter Paul Rubens - Cimon en Pero
Ansdell Richard The Gamekeeper
Richard Ansdell - A Spanish Shepherd (1863)
Federico Andreotti - Flirt
José Tapiro y Baro Portrait of a Moroccan man
Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus
Eugene VON GUÉRard - Ferntree Gully in the Dandenong Ranges - Google Art Project
Richard Ansdell The Vega of Granada returning from pastures
Winslow Homer - Man with Plow Horse
Henry Ossawa Tanner - Street Scene, Tangier (Man Leading Calf)
Spitzweg, Carl - Childhood Friends - Google Art Project
A Boyar Wedding Feast (Konstantin Makovsky, 1883) Google Cultural Institute
Victors Esau and the mess of pottage
Gustave Courbet - The Wrestlers - Google Art Project
Leo von Klenze - The Acropolis at Athens - WGA12199
Luca Giordano - Apollo in his Chariot - 47.1566 - Museum of Fine Arts
Charles Le Brun - Hercules (detail) - WGA12537
Men of the Docks by G Bellows
Knight's Encounter LACMA M.76.167.19
Hagen and the Danube Nymphs by Ferdinand Fellner, ink and wash
Waterhouse Hylas and the Nymphs Manchester Art Gallery 1896.15
Pushkin farewell to the sea
Gerard ter Borch - Reiter, von hinten gesehen fmc663637
Philips Wouwerman - Knight Vanquishing Time, Death, and Monstrous Demons - 1981.78 - Museum of Fine Arts
Charles Deas - Indian Warrior on the Edge of a Precipice
Carlo Crivelli 036