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Using a Second Self to Facilitate Self-Transformation

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Art Used in this Video

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe by Karl Bauer, c. 1920
Portrait of Goethe by Julius Zuber
Rhyme? and reason? (1901) (14796786183)
Art in California - a survey of American art with special reference to Californian painting, sculpture and architecture past and present, particularly as those arts were represented at the (14784766795)
Charles W. Hawthorne - Bums Drinking (1903)
Sitting in the Pub
Karel van Mander III - man drinking beer from a tankard
Oppenheim Goethe Illustration@Goethe-Museum Frankfurt a.M.20170819
Constantin Hansen Prometheus
Francesco Filetto family
Historien av Edvard Munch
Mednyánszky - Vagabond gazing at the fire
Sebastiano del Piombo Portrait of a Humanist
Jozef Israëls - Peasant family at the table - Google Art Project
Carl Gustav Carus Gemälde von Johann Carl Rössler
'Man Reading' by John Singer Sargent, Reading Public Museum
William Merritt Chase - The Emerald Lady - AL.19 - Museum of Fine Arts
John S. Sargent Étude de jeune homme
Leveck Portrait of a man writing a letter
Henry Scott Tuke - Looking out to sea
Ekels de Jonge
Ghe by Repin
Gustave Caillebotte - Le bateau jaune
Carl Spitzweg - Der verbotene Weg
A man holding a walking stick, a hat and some heather is sta Wellcome V0039466
Machiavelli Illustration
Jacques-Émile Blanche - Portrait de Reynold Arnould
Prometheus by Gustave Moreau
Man resting on his elbow
Boy with a hat
Goethe Campagna