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Carl Jung and the Cultivation of Character

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Art Used in this Video

Hendrik ter Brugghen - Heraclitus
Julius Ibbetson - A Storm on the Isle of Wight (1780s)
José de Ribera - Heraclitus
Portrait of a Man (c. 1850)
Crowd at the Seashore MET DT11541
Borsos Woman Wearing a Velvet Pelisse c. 1850
Frederick Frieseke (1874-1939) Before a Mirror
Pierre Bonnard Self-Portrait in a Bamboo Mirror
F.I.Tolstoy-Americanets young
William Blake Moses and the brazen serpent
The Sleep of Reason produces monsters. Etching by Goya 1796 Wellcome V0025828
The Calling of Saint Matthew
William Blake The Ghost of Flea 1819-20 Tempera & gold on mahogany
William Blake - Nebuchadnezzar (Tate Britain)
La Gloria (boceto), de Francisco de Goya. (Museo Ibercaja Camón Aznar)
Jean-François Portaels - Portrait of a young girl with a mask
Victory Ball, 1781 - Jean Leon Gerome Ferris
Édouard manet - Masked Ball at the Opera
Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn (Dutch - St. Bartholomew) - Google Art Project
Charles Hermans - At the masquerade
Salida de un baile de mascaras de José García Ramos
Hendrick ter Brugghen - The calling of Saint Matthew - Google Art Project
Titian - Allegorie der Zeit
El Greco - Portrait of a Sculptor - WGA10449
'A Musical Party' by Gerard Van Kuijl
Joseph Duplessis - Christophe Gabriel Allegrain, Sculptor - WGA06874
Cain and Abel. Mironov
The Constancy of Frederik Hendrik, by Gerard van Honthorst
Angel Michael Binding Satan by W.Blake (c. 1805)
The Ancient of Days - etching with pen & ink wc Whitworth Art Gallery The University of Manchester UK The Bridgeman Art Library
Sculptor Jens Adolf Jerichau, the Artist's Husband, by Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann, 1846 - Statens Museum for Kunst
Ferdinand Bol - Portrait of a man
Unknown French Master - Allegory of the Vanity of Earthly Things - 2