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Midlife – Crisis and Transformation – Part 1 – The First Adulthood

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Art Used in this Video

DSCF2316 Dante perdu
Carlo Wostry - Dante in pineta
Olga Boznańska 1893 Paul Neuen
Harald Slott-Møller-Primavera
The Fifth Plague of Egypt, Turner - Indianapolis Museum of Art - DSC00690
Sunrise on a Snowy Riverside
Aivazovsky - View to the sea coast near St. Petersburg
Frederic Edwin Church -- Rainy Season in the Tropics
Tiziano, tre età dell'uomo 01
Aivazovsky - Pushkin at Ai-Petri peak during sunrise
Caspar David Friedrich 013
Red Sunset on the Dnieper MET DT2557
Federico Oliva Spielende Kinder
Jacob van Oost (I) - Young Man Writing
Titian - Young Man with Cap and Gloves - WGA22933
Hans Dahl - A young woman in the meadow (1894)
Cole, Thomas - Der Pokal des Riesen - hi res - 1833
Léon Bonnat - Autoportrait
Albert Edelfelt - Leikkiviä poikia rannalla
1872 Boecklin Selbstbildnis mit fiedelndem Tod anagoria
Death and the miser. Oil painting by Frans II van Francken. Wellcome V0017591
William Merritt Chase - The Song, 1907
Caspar David Friedrich - The Sea of Ice - WGA8270
De Heem, Vanitasstilleven
Caspar David Friedrich - Mann und Frau in Betrachtung des Mondes - Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin
Caspar David Friedrich - Hügel und Bruchacker bei Dresden