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How to Unleash Your Potential Part 2 – The Experimental Approach

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Art Used in this Video

Michel II Corneille - Aspasie au milieu des philosophes de la Grèce - Google Art Project
The Debate Of Socrates And Aspasia
Winslow Homer - At the window
Monet - camille-monet-at-the-window-argentuile
Otto Scholderer - The Violinist at the Window - Google Art Project
H.A. Brendekilde - Portræt af maleren L.A. Ring
Peter ilsted
Утро на море Айвазовский
Self-portrait Mihály von Munkácsy
Van Gogh - Selbstbildnis (Paul Gauguin gewidmet)
Gustave Caillebotte - The Orange Trees - Google Art Project
Gustave Caillebotte Richard Gallo and his Dog at Petit Gennevilliers
Nude by a Waterfall by Arthur Bowen Davies
0 The Vitruvian Man - by Leonardo da Vinci
Carl Gustav Carus - Woman on the Balcony - Google Art Project
Wounded Angel, Simberg, Study
Caillebotte balcon
Ernst Koerner Nachglühen am ägyptischen Abendhimmel
Swieszewski-W Alpach
Frederick Arthur Bridgman, 1891 - Lawn Tennis Club
Gustave Caillebotte - Le pont de l Europe etude partielle
Johann Heinrich Füssli - The Nightmare - WGA08332
Francisco de Goya - El Sueño (ca.1800)
Albert Bierstadt - Mountain landscape (01)
Georges Seurat - The Rainbow Study for Bathers at Asnières
Poul S. Christiansen - Skovvej i Tokkeskov ved Kariseegnen
Jerome Thompson-The Belated Party on Mansfield Mountain-1858
Aivazovsky - View to the sea coast near St. Petersburg
Иван К. Айвазовский - Неаполитанский залив (1845)
Ivan Aivazovsky - Dante Shows an Artist Some Unusual Clouds 02
Иван К. Айвазовский - Великая Пирамида в Гизе (1871)
Lurking by the Fire
Portrait of a man - painting by László Mednyánszky-2
John Thomas Serres - The wreck of the H.M.S. Deal Castle