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Carl Jung and the Man-Child – Part II – The Psychology of the Individual Who Fails to Grow Up

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Art Used in this Video

Portrait of a Young Man MET DT3077
Madonna with Child and Saint, Italian school, first half of the 16th century, oil on wood - Museo Diocesano (Genoa) - DSC01789
Julius paulsen mother and child in the bedroom
2017-02 Henry Scott Tuke - Back of a boy bather
Portrait of a Young Man MET DP161258
Maximilien Luce - Ludovic Rodo Pissarro dans le Jardin de son père à Eragny (1895)
Winslow Homer - The whittling boy
Boy and Girl in a Field With Sheep by Winslow Homer
The Assuaging of the Waters by John Martin, 1840
Endymion by Alice Pike Barney 1920
Annibale Carracci Giovane Uomo Palazzo Spada Roma
David Rijckaert (III) - Man Sleeping - WGA20590
Portrait of a Young Man, 1853 by Richard Dadd
Fabrizio Santafede - The mystic marriage of Saint Catherine
Einar Hein - Children picking berries on the moor - Google Art Project
Vincent van Gogh - Portrait of Armand Roulin - Google Art Project
Georges Seurat Boy Sitting in a Meadow 01
Ludwig Knaus - Der Unzufriedene (1877)
Thomas Moran, Snowy Range, 1896, Denver Art Museum
François-Xavier Fabre - Oedipus and the Sphinx
Piero di cosimo, mito di prometeo 04
Johann Köler - Hercules Removes Cerberus from the Gates of Hell, 1855
Theodor Kittelsen - Far, far away Soria Moria Palace shimmered like Gold - Google Art Project
Frederic Edwin Church - Der Eisberg - 1891