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Carl Jung and the Man-Child – Part I – The Mother Complex and the Absent Father

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Art Used in this Video

Thomas Somerscales - A square rigger off Terrapaca, Chile (1895)
Carlo Maratta - A Young Man - WGA14053
Portrait of a Young Man; (reverse) Girl Making a Garland MET DP164793
Jacob Jordaens - Bacchus as a child - Google Art Project
Rembrandt (1606–1669) as a Young Man MET DP145931
Agnolo Bronzino - Portrait of a Young Man
Steele Family Portrait by Henry Sanderson
Hippolyte Flandrin - Young Man by the Sea - WGA07905
Domenichino - Portrait of a Young Man - WGA06401
Friedrich Preller d.J. - Antike Szene in heroischer Landschaft (1876)
Fitz Henry Lane - Lighthouse at Camden, Maine - 1992.122.1 - Yale University Art Gallery
Claude Monet, 1877, Pont de l'Europe (cropped)
Quinten metsys, madonna col bambino, 12 bacio
Jozef Israëls - Peasant family at the table - Google Art Project
William adolphe bouguereau, riposo, 1879, 02
'Madonna and Child before a Landscape' by Marco d' Oggiono
Claude Monet - Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son - Google Art Project
Morgan Family Portrait, artist unknown, c. 1790, oil on canvas - New Britain Museum of American Art - DSC09149
Guido Reni San Giuseppe con il Bambino
Francesco Filetto family
Dance at a Subterranean Roundhouse at clear Lake, California, Jules Tavernier
Julian Onderdonk - Landscape with Indian Scouts
George Catlin - Wah-ro-née-sah, The Surrounder, Chief of the Tribe - Google Art Project
Ralph Albert Blakelock - Moonlit Landscape with Indian - 1932.297 - Yale University Art Gallery
The Walas'axa (Kuhnert)
Carl Gustav Carus - Mondscheinlandschaft
Holger Drachmann - Hammershus in the moonlight - Google Art Project
Thomas Cole - Expulsion. Moon and Firelight
Albert Bierstadt -Yosemite Valley
Joseph Henry Sharp - The Summer Camp (c.1906)
Albert Bierstadt - Indians in Council, California
Vincent van Gogh - View of Paris - Google Art Project
Portrait of François Le Vau with his father – Cojannot 2012 p216
Arnold Böcklin - Gottvater zeigt Adam das Paradies (ca.1884)
Father by Harada Naojiro (Shin-etsu)
Vincent van Gogh - Portrait of an old man - Google Art Project
Johann Carl Loth - Hl. Josef mit dem Christkind - 1592 - Bavarian State Painting Collections
Carl Vilhelm Meyer - Ved Frokostbordet
Gerhard von Kügelgen Portrait of a Young Man 1797
Gari Melchers - Mother & Child
Andrea Mantegna - Madonna with Sleeping Child - WGA13976
Jan Gossart - The Holy Family - Google Art Project
Lady Torrens and her Family by John Linnell, 1820, oil on canvas - Chazen Museum of Art - DSC02165
Mother and Son MET DT11612
Christian Seybold - Self-Portrait as a Young Man - WGA21172
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - The Force of Eloquence - WGA22255
Benson, Ambrosius - The Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in a Shirt - Google Art Project
Meynier - Helen and Paris
David Teniers (II) - Boors drinking and smoking in an inn
Daumier République
Морской берег Айвазовский