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The Myth of Arrival Part II: The Alternative – The Path of Mastery

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Art Used in this Video

Drawing, Journey by Sedan Chair, 1828 (CH 18329787-2)
Theodor Kittelsen - Far, far away Soria Moria Palace shimmered like Gold - Google Art Project
Albert Edelfelt - Portrait of a Young Man - A IV 3884 - Finnish National Gallery
"The School of Athens" by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino
Caspar David Friedrich - Landscape with the Rosenberg in the Bohemian Mountains - Google Art Project
Theodor Kittelsen Huldra forsvant
Albert Emil Kirchner - Ansicht von Verona, vom Giardino Giusti aus gesehen - 11624 - Bavarian State Painting Collections
Joseph Wenglein - Kalksteinsammlerinnen im Isarbett bei Tölz - 7725 - Bavarian State Painting Collections
Johann Georg von Dillis - Der Tegernsee - WAF 210 - Bavarian State Painting Collections
Frederic Edwin Church - Cotopaxi - Google Art Project
Benediction of God the Father by Luca Cambiaso, c. 1565, oil on wood - Museo Diocesano (Genoa) - DSC01566
Caspar David Friedrich - Küste bei Mondschein 2
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - Landscape with Figure - 1938.24 - Yale University Art Gallery
Caspar David Friedrich - Hügel und Bruchacker bei Dresden
J. VERMEER - El astrónomo (Museo del Louvre, 1688)
The Dead Abel (Thomas Cole)
Enrico Pollastrini - Nello alla tomba di Pia de' Tolomei 01
Heemskerck Ecce Homo 06
Louis Edouard Fournier - The Funeral of Shelley - Google Art Project
Rex Whistler - Two Ladies Taking Tea in the Vicarage Garden at Bierton, Buckinghamshire 1940
Arnold Boecklin-fiedelnder Tod
John Keats, portrait by Joseph Severn
Stanhope Forbes The Violinist
Hans Thoma - Mondscheingeiger
Fritz Erler - Professor Dr. Karl Mayr-München, 1909
The Artist's Father, Reading a Newspaper (Albert Engström) - Nationalmuseum - 20996
The Artist's Studio, with Selfportrait (Hugo Birger) - Nationalmuseum - 19341
Self-contempt (Mihály von Munkaczy) - Nationalmuseum - 18732
The Chemist J Jais (Wilhelm Leibl) - Nationalmuseum - 18794
Afterglow (Karl Nordström) - Nationalmuseum - 21201
A Young Man Reading by Candlelight (Matthias Stom) - Nationalmuseum - 23887
The Council of the Society of Artists (Richard Bergh) - Nationalmuseum - 18606
Solitude (Émile René Ménard) - Nationalmuseum - 18521
Jacques-Louis David - Portait du flûtiste François Devienne
The Artist Georg Pauli. Study (Eva Bonnier) - Nationalmuseum - 20562