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The Myth of Arrival – A Critique of the Dominant Way of Life in Western Societies

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Art Used in this Video

Paul Gauguin - Self-Portrait - Google Art Project
Raffael stcatherina
Cole Thomas The Consummation The Course of the Empire 1836
Cole Thomas The Course of Empire Desolation 1836
'Conway Castle, Wales' by William Hodges, c 1790
Rodrigo Gutiérrez - The Tlaxcalan Senate - Google Art Project
'A Balloon in Mid-Air' by Jules Tavernier, 1875
Edward Theodor Compton Landschaft im Kaukasus
Une soirée élégante par Victor Gabriel Gilbert (A)
Quinten Massijs (I) - The Moneylender and his Wife - WGA14281
The Cross and the World - The Pilgrim of the World on his Journey, study by Thomas Cole, c. 1846-1847, oil on canvas - Albany Institute of History and Art - DSC08125
Jan Brueghel d.J. - Paradise with the Creation of Eve
A Morning Mist Art.IWMART1436
Ilya Repin - Portrait of Professor Ivanov - Google Art Project
Turner Buttermere Lake with Park of Cromackwater
Joaquín Sorolla - Retrato del doctor Joaquín Decref y Ruiz
Sanford Robinson Gifford - The Artist Sketching at Mount Desert, Maine (1860s)
Henri - the-rainbow-hormandie-1902
Schloss Neuhoff Sammlung Duncker
John S. Sargent Étude de jeune homme
John Singer Sargent - Henry Cabot Lodge - Google Art Project
Eugène Delacroix 067
Eakins, Professor William D Marks 1886
Anne Boleyn London Tower
Elliott Daingerfield - The Grand Canyon (c.1912)
A Painter, oil on mahogany painting by Ernest Meissonier, 1855
Professor i zoologi, Japetus Steenstrup holder foredrag