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Human Plasticity and The Process of Change

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Art Used in this Video

Self-portrait painting by Rembrandt-Metropolitan Museum of Art-2
Walter Crane - The Bridge of Life (1884)
The Cross and the World - The Pilgrim of the World on his Journey, study by Thomas Cole, c. 1846-1847, oil on canvas - Albany Institute of History and Art - DSC08125
Self portrait, by George Hendrik Breitner
Landscape by Thomas Doughty, 1829, High Museum of Art
RobertDucanson-Landscape Rainbow 1859
A man holding a walking stick, a hat and some heather is sta Wellcome V0039466
Lady Reading Poetry by Ishibashi Kazunori (Shimane Art Museum)
Saint Jerome Reading by Candlelight attributed to Trophime Bigot
Portrait of an Old Man A11908
Vagabond Walking at Night
Eduard Grützner Besuch im Weinkeller 1906
Vincent van Gogh, Café Terrace at Night, 1888. Painting inside the Kroller Muller Museum - panoramio
'At Renoir's Home' by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Norton Simon Museum
Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Bords de mer
The Untangling of Chaos, or the Creation of the Four Elements LACMA 54.70.1a
William Blake - The First Book of Urizen, Plate 16 (Bentley 17) - Google Art Project
Anselm Feuerbach - Self-Portrait - Google Art Project
William Blake - The First Book of Urizen, Plate 12 (Bentley 22) - Google Art Project
John Atkinson Grimshaw - Night vigil
George Fuller - Twilight on the Prairie - Google Art Project
Red Sunset on the Dnieper MET DT2557
Portrait of a Young Nobleman LACMA 39.12.16 (5 of 8)
Europe a Prophecy copy D 1794 British Museum object 1
Tablou George Enescu - Muzeul „George Enescu" din Dorohoi
Samuel Palmer - Sunset - Google Art Project
Signac - Portrait de Félix Fénéon