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The Value of a Neurosis: Reinterpreting the Significance of Anxiety and Depression

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Art Used in this Video

Man of Sorrows, by William Dyce
Rippl Sorrow
Weyden, Rogier van der - Descent from the Cross - Detail women (left)
Donato Creti The Penitent St Peter
Edvard Munch - Self-Portrait with a Bottle of Wine - Google Art Project
Nicolae Grigorescu 036
Vincent van Gogh - The garden of Saint Paul's Hospital (`The fall of the leaves') - Google Art Project
Assistants and George Frederic Watts - Chaos - Google Art Project
Joseph Mallord William Turner - Snow Storm, Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps - WGA23167
Alexey Savrasov Landscape with a Rainbow
Thomas Fearnley - Old Birch Tree at the Sognefjord - Google Art Project
Frederic Edwin Church - Storm in the Mountains
John Francis Murphy - After the Storm - 70.61.22 - Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Joseph Wright of Derby - Cottage on fire at night - Google Art Project
Luis de Morales (called El Divino) - Man of Sorrows - 62.24 - Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Sísifo, copia del original de José de Ribera (Museo del Prado)
James McNeill Whistler - Sea and Rain - Google Art Project
Abraham Solomon - Second Class - the parting- 'Thus part we rich in sorrow parting poor' - Google Art Project
Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema - Love's Curse
Juan Fernández de Navarrete - St John the Baptist in the Prison - WGA16467
Sanford Robinson Gifford - Wilderness - Google Art Project
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Roger Delivering Angelica
Jacob More - The Deluge - Google Art Project
Evening in the Woods MET APS2208
Claude Monet - Weeping Willow - Google Art Project
Jan Davidsz de Heem 005
Bastein-Lepage Diogenes
Shiskin - The Forest Clearing
Erysichthon verkoopt zijn dochter Mestra Rijksmuseum SK-A-2572
William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Douleur d'amour
1891 von Stuck Pietà anagoria
Antonio Mancini - Self-Portrait - 71.50 - Minneapolis Institute of Arts