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The Psychology of Failure

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Art Used in this Video

Van Gogh - Der alte Friedhofsturm in Nuenen2
Felicyn Oldman i young girl
The grandeur that was Rome; a survey of Roman culture and civilisation- (1920) (14763753524)
Rubens- Der sterbende Seneca
Sokrates' død i fængslet
Georg crola landscape inn
Rembrandt - Haman Recognizes his Fate (detail) - WGA19125
Failed Operation Decaisne
Antoni Caba - The Triumph of Day over Night Preceded by Dawn - Google Art Project
Frederic Edwin Church - South American Landscape - Google Art Project
Norman Rockwell - The Magic Foot-ball, 'I thought you were wrong,' he said in triumph. 'You said it was nine! Stupid!' - Google Art Project
Giorgione 100
Wilhelm Bendz - Mountain landscape. - Google Art Project
HRSOA AlbertBierstadt-Storm in the Mountains
Kulikov Writer E.N.Chirikov 1904
Spectre over Los from William Blake's Jeruesalem
Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis - FUNERAL SYMPHONY (VII) - 1903, Varsuva
John Martin 003
Charles Gleyre - Lost Illusions - Walters 37184
Jean-Louis Forain - Backstage―Symphony in Blue - Google Art Project
Kuindzhi Moon night Thinking 1876 1890
Samuel van Hoogstraten - Vanitas Stilleven met denken jonge man
A.K.Tolstoy by Repin
Albert Bierstadt - Laramie Peak
Charles Frederic Ulrich - Sculptor in Studio
Raimundo de Madrazo - Portrait of Federico de Madrazo Painting - Google Art Project
Jeanna Bauck - The Danish Artist Bertha Wegmann Painting a Portrait - Google Art Project
V Tomilovsky sunrise
Matthew Gregory Lewis by Henry William Pickersgill